CHS is 5 persons in total (Marianna, Alkistis, Panagiotis, Andie and Konstantinos).

Five very different characters and lifestories that share in common that we all started from here: the Pelion mountain. Our first everything (steps, dives, hijacking, camping, moto crossing, kissing) all took place here in the mountain where the sky and the sea match together. For years we all `ve been around, traveling, studying, working, visiting but all came back with a vision. To mix what we learned with what we knew in order to bring a new level to everyday life. A plan of activities that you miglht enjoy everywhere but here you will have a lifetime experience about what it means to be human in the nature.

CHS is not just a game

Participants, divided into teams have the opportunity to live a perfectly organized experiental process where fun, cultivate the spirit to teamwork!

Knowledge, adventure and recreation in harmony with nature on the mountain of Centaurs, the dryads and myths. Greece, Pelion, Portaria.


  • Best practices implementantion
  • Crisis Management
  • Cross functional co-operation
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Fun G Motivation
  • Networking
  • Practical leadership
  • Risk Management
  • Team communication
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Time management
  • Uniting Teams